Seamless Education
Enjoy having your knowledge in one place using this versatile desktop.
Education plans are free for people
in education or non-profit organizations.
Learn the way you think
    Collect learning materials for your subjects
    to become more organized.

    Build a library of your knowledge
    to clear your mind.

    Manage bookmarks in a fun and visual way
    to stay relaxed.
    Content Curation
      Collaborate better
      by sharing learning materials.

      Be more effective
      by applying Visual Thinking, like color-coding, pattern recognition or clustering techniques.

      Get better at teamwork
      by working together on assignment.

    Visual Collaboration
    Interactive Presentations
      Help your students enjoy the education process by having interactive presentations.

      Make students an active part of the lesson
      by allowing them to engage.

      Task Management
      Stay focused and productive
      by organizing your lesson plans seamlessly.

      Be prepared for university
      by managing your tasks in KanBan boards
      or simple lists.

      Achieve success with your Ph.D. or Masters diploma thesis by organizing your bibliography.

      Keep the overview of complex topics
      by relating content in 3D.

      Be creative when learning about things
      by performing brainstorming sessions.

      Produce innovate results
      by structuring information the way you think.

      Mind Mapping
      What users say?
      Educators, Students and Researchers from all around the world enjoy this smooth way of organizing knowledge.
      Vladislav Khaustovich
      Student at Boston University
      Webjets allows me to efficiently organize all of my tasks in one place. It's quite similar to using a simple physical whiteboard. Still, a whiteboard is limited by its dimensions while Webjets is not.
      Jennifer Gonzalez
      Webjets would be an excellent, flexible tool for any kind of group project or curation task, whether it's done by you or your students.
      Tasnima Tanzim
      Designer, Researcher
      I was using Webjets to store information and organize research for my thesis project. It was one of the best things I've used in a while in terms of organizing information.
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